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  • Child Internet Safety Course

    £8.00 Sale!
  • Child Neglect Awareness Course

    Child Neglect Awareness Course

    £14.99 Sale!
  • Child Nutrition and Health Course

    Child Nutrition and Health Course

    £19.00 Sale!
  • Child Playwork Course

    Child Playwork Course

    £29.00 Sale!
  • Child Protection Level 2

    Child Protection Level 2 Training

    £14.00 Sale!
  • Child Protection Level 3 Course

    Child Protection Level 3 Course

    £19.00 Sale!
  • Child Psychology Course

    Child Psychology Course

    £29.00 Sale!
  • Child Safeguarding Course

    Child Safeguarding Course

    £19.00 Sale!
  • Child Safeguarding Level 4 Advanced Course

    £19.00 Sale!
  • Child Social Care and Welfare Course

    Child Social Care and Welfare Course

    £22.00 Sale!
  • Child Weight Management

    £9.00 Sale!
  • Childminding Advanced Course

    Childminding Advanced Course

    £24.00 Sale!
  • Childminding Course

    Childminding Course

    £19.00 Sale!
  • Children’s Writing

    £19.00 Sale!
  • Classroom Behaviour Management

    Classroom Behaviour Management Course

    £19.00 Sale!
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Course

    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Course

    £19.00 Sale!
  • Communication Skills Course

    Communication Skills Course

    £14.99 Sale!
  • Conflict Management and Resolution Course

    Conflict Management and Resolution Course

    £14.99 Sale!
  • Conflict Management for Cabin Crew Course

    £19.00 Sale!
  • Share with friends Consent Training in Healthcare

    Consent Training in Healthcare Course

    £14.00 Sale!
  • Contouring and Highlighting Course

    £9.00 Sale!
  • Contract Law Course

    Contract Law Course

    £19.00 Sale!
  • Copywriting Course

    £19.00 Sale!
  • Counselling & Psychotherapy Course

    Counselling & Psychotherapy Course

    £39.00 Sale!
  • counselling in schools

    Counselling in Schools Course

    £19.00 Sale!
  • counselling skills advanced course

    Counselling Skills Advanced Course

    £24.00 Sale!
  • Counselling Skills Course

    Counselling Skills Course

    £29.00 Sale!
  • Counselling Skills Level 3 and Level 4 Advanced Bundle

    £39.00 Sale!
  • Covid-19 Office Safety Training

    £19.00 Sale!
  • CPR Training Course

    £19.00 Sale!
  • Creative Writing Course

    Creative Writing Course

    £19.00 Sale!
  • Criminal Law Course

    Criminal Law Course

    £29.00 Sale!
  • Criminal Procedures Course

    Criminal Procedures Course

    £29.00 Sale!
  • Criminal Psychology Course

    Criminal Psychology Course

    £14.00 Sale!
  • Criminology Advanced Course

    Criminology Advanced Course

    £39.00 Sale!
  • Criminology

    Criminology Course

    £29.00 Sale!
  • Criminology Level 3 and 4 Bundle

    Criminology Level 3 and 4 Bundle

    £59.00 Sale!
  • Cultural Awareness Course

    Cultural Awareness Course

    £12.00 Sale!
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Course

    £19.00 Sale!
  • Customer Service Level 3 Course

    Customer Service Level 3 Course

    £24.00 Sale!
  • Customer Service Training Course Bundle

    Customer Service Skills Level 2 & 3 Course

    £39.00 Sale!
  • Customer Service Training Course

    Customer Service Skills Level 2 Course

    £19.00 Sale!
  • Data Protection Course

    Data Protection Course

    £14.00 Sale!
  • Deaf Awareness Course

    £19.00 Sale!

What is CPD?

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development and is a term used to describe an active learning process that allows individuals to enhance their abilities. People take CPD courses to boost their knowledge, skills and competencies.

Whether you’re already in employment or you’re ready to begin working in the job market for the first time, you need to know what CPD is. Across the United Kingdom, CPD is now expected of most professionals in most industries. In some sectors, you’ll actually be measured by the CPD you undertake. Gone are the days of only needing to acquire formal qualifications to enter a specific job sector.

Now, it’s important that you keep learning throughout your career by engaging with learning activities either off your own bat or through CPD training courses. A formal qualification such as an A level or a degree gives you the academic knowledge and skills you need for your chosen profession. A CPD allows you to continually learn more practical and vocational skills. Participating with a CPD is beneficial to you, your employer and your sector.

What exactly is a CPD though? In the following information, you’ll discover information about different types of CPD, how your CPD participation is assessed, which industries use CPD, how to add CPD to your CV, the value of having CPD certification, how you earn CPD points, the benefits of participating with CPD and much more.

CPD is vital to maintaining a good career regardless of the industry you work in. If you want to improve your skills and knowledge to increase your professional options over the course of your career, read on.

What does CPD stand for?

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. CPD can involve honing your current skills, developing them to a higher level or learning new skills altogether so you can expand your job role or be prepared for possible promotion. In some industries, such as accounting, law and healthcare, you must maintain your CPD.

If you don’t, you could end up losing your license to operate. CPD training can be provided by commercial training providers or independent coaches. CPD training can also be provided internally by employers. This is often the case with large companies.

What is CPD training?

CPD tracks and documents the knowledge, skills and experience you acquire at the workplace after your initial training. By using CPD, it’s easy to document the formal and informal abilities you develop professionally. This makes your learning proactive as opposed to reactive. An ongoing record is kept of what you learn and experience and how you apply the knowledge and skills you’ve gained. This allows you to manage your professional development regularly.

By looking through your CPD record, you can review and reflect on what you have learnt. Some companies use CPD as a training plan. In fact, many companies require their employees to undergo CPD training so they can achieve a structured path to success in their current roles or progress to higher job positions.

Although there’s a difference between CPD training and CPD development, the terms are often used interchangeably. Generally, CPD training relates to your competence of learning a specific skill. This could be a complex skill like learning how to pilot an aircraft or a simpler skill such as PC application. CPD development is less formal. The CPD skills you develop have a wider application instead of being related to just one specific skill.

CPD development involves using tools capably and competently to progress from basic knowledge to more complex understanding. CPD development can also widen your range of transferable skills, such as project management, organisation of information and leadership.