Does music help you to study?

studying listening to music

In this post The Course Mix editors will look at listening to music while studying an online course. Does listening to music really help students to study better? Can music increase concentration? We explore all the ins and outs below

Sometimes it is a struggle to get your mind to focus. With a million things on your mind, getting into the right mind-set to be able to read and understand what you are studying can be quite a challenge. But there are a few tools that can help you do that.

studying to musicMusic has a lot of positive effects on creating the right mood when you want to study. At the same time, it can help you focus on information by eliminating the effect of negative distractions that usually make you unable to focus.

Why focus on the right type of music?

Whether you are studying from a book or taking online courses, choosing the right tracks is essential for your intellectual wellbeing, which means that you can better focus on the material you are studying and can help you absorb more information.

Choosing unfamiliar or instrumental music can help you achieve that by setting your mind on the right track.

However, experts advise people to stay away from the music they already know and like. While you might of course enjoy your most favourite playlist, you will be emotionally connected to it, as it will remind you of good times you probably enjoyed.

This means that this type of music can act as a very strong distraction that you don’t need.

What are the tips to choose the best kind of music?

It is preferable to create a playlist and to avoid to the radio as the audience and the DJ will disturb you. You might get interested in the dialogue which can take your mind off studying the online course.

listening to music studyingIf you are enrolling in online courses, like with The Course Mix, you might want to have everything you need to study beforehand so that you don’t mess up with your internet connection if you start to listen to music online.

Make sure to lower your music volume since as you want background music and not rave that will keep you distracted.

Make sure that your playlist lasts for as long as your study is going to be because this is the best way you can ensure that your mind will stay focused on the task you are doing. You don’t have to get up and interrupt your focus to switch music because you will have everything ready to keep you focused.

YouTube features some great online study music, here are some of the best study music we’ve found from the net:

Studying with Alpha Waves

Alpha Beat Studying

Are there any kinds of music recommended?

People should look for music tracks that keep them focused and energetic.

A lot of video games soundtracks are available for online download. This means that you can find a lot of tracks that belong to your most favourite arcade or video game. These tracks lack the lyrics so they will not distract you. They also have a quick tempo so you will always feel energetic.

Listening to Mozart and other types of classical music will keep your mind focused but will also keep your imagination stimulated.

Listen to Classical Study music on Soundcloud

This means that you will have more concentration, pretty much what people achieve through mediation. If you are not into classical music, you can definitely find instrumental tracks that cover any music genres.

Final Thoughts

Listening can music can help increase your performance when studying an online course. However, whether you choose to listen to classical music or trance music with your online course is entirely down to your own individual needs and how you perform best.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article and should you have any questions please leave us a message in the comments below.

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