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What are recreational careers?

The term “recreation” simply means an activity that is done for fun outside of work. Many recreational activities require professionals to provide those activities. That is where you can come in. If you’re interested in the recreation sector, there are a broad range of jobs available. Recreation careers often go hand in hand with sports and fitness careers, but recreation jobs can also include other areas, like leisure activities, hotel work and casino work.

Areas in Recreational Careers

Recreational careers typically fall into four categories. Firstly, there are sports and recreation jobs. These can range from working as a professional footballer to managing a recreation facility like a leisure centre. Secondly, there are health and fitness jobs. Professions in this sector include personal trainer, chiropractor and yoga instructor. The third area is gaming. This involves jobs like betting shop cashiers and casino managers. The final area in the recreational industry is play-work. This involves working with children in roles like a playworker or an Early Years Development and Children Partnership officer.

Why study a recreational course?

Although you don’t need to have a qualification to work in all recreation careers, many positions prefer you to have completed an accredited training course or a formal education course. There are courses in recreation-related subjects at all levels of education. If you want to work in specialised areas of recreation, you’ll often need to first earn a degree. Available courses in recreation at education establishments across the United Kingdom include: