7 Reasons Why You Should Learn the British Sign Language

The British Sign Language (BSL) and every other sign language in the world has one thing in common – the use of, hands and fingers, head movement, and facial expressions to communicate with people who are impaired in speech and hearing, or comprehensively put – the use of signs and gesticulations to communicate with people who are impaired in speech and hearing.  

The BSL has been declared an official minority language in the United Kingdom since 2003 and over 120, 000 adults and about 20, 000 children are using it as their major language. 

While this might sound like something of little or no relevance to you because you can hear, speak and you don’t even have any relative or friend who’s deaf and dumb there are some tangible reasons why you should be interested and take it seriously. 

Here Are 7 Seven Interesting Reasons Why You Should Learn The British Sign Language (BSL) Today. 

1. An opportunity to Learn Something New 

A skill is a skill no matter how awkward it may seem. Learning the British Sign Language (BSL) provides you a platform to add one more skill to your list of skills. It’s quite uncommon to find people who understand and use the BSL. Joining them makes you some sort of a genius. It’s almost a wonder for some persons to people being able to communicate freely with the deaf and dumb.

You’ll be joining this amazing lot of seemingly incredible people who can communicate with the deaf community. That alone can elevate your self-esteem and make you a valuable person among your equals. Imagine yourself sitting amongst a mammoth crowd in a meeting and then there are speech and hearing impaired persons among the multitude and then a question arises and goes like this “is there anyone here who understands sign languages?” so you find yourself rising up and no one else is doing same. There is a prestige that follows such an opportunity. An opportunity to help and carry everyone along. 

2. Interact in a World Full of diversity 

Learning the British Sign Language (BSL) gives you the rare opportunity to interact with the people of the deaf community. You can alternate both worlds freely – the deaf and the hearing people. There is a lot of awesomeness going on in the deaf and dump community: great people, amazing community, raw talents and gems. It’s a unique diversity in every society and a great feeling to tap into their domain and experience life in a distinct category of humans.

Learning the BSL increases the number of people bridging the gap between these great seemingly odd people and their normal counterparts. Most of the time they feel like they are secluded from the entire world and it almost feels like segregation, you learn the BSL and contribute to the very few people trying to incorporate them into the rest of the world. You create happiness in their lives by making them feel relevant and not left out.

3. A Job Opportunity is here   

In the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), there are many opportunities for people with expertise in the British Sign Language. Lots of their channels broadcast in BSL and they need people like you, that’s after you’ve learnt it fully. You can even work as a freelancer an earn eye popping figures every hour for interpreting to the deaf. A lot of schools and colleges who have deaf and dumb students would gladly pay you for your services and retain you for a long term job. There are special education schools strictly for the deaf in the United Kingdom and other English speaking countries.

The pay is usually fat because the job isn’t like eating a cake and it’s always long term, BSL speaking people are rare, so they hold unto whoever they’ve got. Companies who want to interact with the deaf and dumb community will need you to bridge that gap, imagine your pay if it’s a multinational company? Huge is the word you are looking for. The skill is bankable and the good part is that you can even be learning and making impact with it. The basics can allow you interact with them. Learn how to greet in the BSL is a good place to start. 

4. Useful in Impossible Speaking Situations 

The BSL can come in handy in situations where speaking is impossible. Like being under water where you have oxygen covering your mouth and making it literary impossible for you to speak. You could be behind a bulletproofed glass that sounds can’t penetrate, sign language saves the day. You could even work for the CIA and be used in missions where there are deaf persons of interests in a case or when a target for a rescue mission is deaf and dumb. 

5. It’s an Exercise 

The BSL will be the most expressive thing you can do with your face and hands. It is very expressive and those movements you make with your eyes, fingers, forehead and every other part of your body involved has been proven to be a form of exercise. Those movements you make with your face strengthens blood circulation around it and refreshes it. It almost a full time work out. 

6. Empower Your Kids with a rare skill 

Kids learn very fast. They can learn the BSL same way they learn how to communicate with you. You could stretch their brain capacity by multitasking it with the BSL. You’ve heard in the Holy Books that training a child in the way he would grow will have a long term effect on that child. They are the best set of people to teach the British Sign Language and they will be greatful to you for empowering them with such a skill in the future. 

7. Important for Politics and Leadership 

Although the prospects here are unlikely, it’s a possibility you can’t rule out entirely. By the prospects I mean, your knowledge of the BSL can help you relate better with the deaf and dumb community and canvass for votes if you running for a position in the government. This community of deaf persons you relate with will be more than excited to vote for you when the time comes and remember; one vote can make all the difference. In terms of leadership, a leader who is able to relate with everyone regardless of their inabilities is one gem of a leader.