What is British Sign Language?

What is British Sign Language?

Many people often ask the question what is BSL?

British Sign Language (BSL) is a branch of sign language specific to Britain which encompasses the use of gestures, body language, actions and formation of particular shapes by hand, facial expressions including lip patterns to make an ordinary conversation.

Like any normal spoken language, British Sign Language (BSL) has been founded on grammar, lexical structures and morphological forms which are transformed into actions specific to the British Sign System, and relevant within United Kingdom only.

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Use of BSL:

Sign Language that is prominently used in United Kingdom by more than 120,000 deaf adults and 20,000 children in the UK, is referred to as the British Sign Language (BSL). Apart from people with hearing complications or those who are deaf, the families and other acquaintances of these individuals also learn how to use BSL in order to interact with them.

In recent years, language translator as a job has grown to eradicate the communication gap between deaf people and those hearing people who are unfamiliar with BSL. Interpreters also diversify the use of signs to a specific letter because not every word in the British dictionary has a corresponding sign.

This eventually also indicates that learn
ing BSL makes you open to a considerable amount of jobs such as a BSL interpreter, a teacher to the deaf, a communication support worker (CSW) or a supporter who can assist deaf adults with disabilities.

Official Recognition of British Sign Language

Following a massive campaign, the UK government recognised British Sign Language as an official minority language, giving it the entire rights as an individual language on its own. Welsh and Gaelic are two other minority languages that are spoken within the UK, and BSL is now counted as one of them.

However, BSL has an edge over other minority languages because the government secures a greater asset for teachers and interpreters who will to educate others with BSL.

Popular BSL Courses

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A Misconception about BSL:

There is a false impression that is prominent among a lot of people that sign language is a globally prevalent language; this is not even close to true. The very nature of sign language does not allow it to be understood by people across different areas of the globe.

Some signs and gestures vary from place to place according to the prevalent use of words in that region. In other words, vocabulary influences sign language and since vocabulary does not remain constant throughout the world, sign language cannot either.

Other countries use a sign language of their own, for example, ISL (Irish Sign Language), ASL (American Sign Language) or AUSLAN (Australian Sign Language).

Learning BSL:

With the rife of technology, there are now countless ways to learn BSL.

One can either opt for an online course taught by a professional and experienced BSL tutor who does not just understand the language well but also knows how to manage other concerns that a deaf person may be facing.

BSL can also be learnt through a readable language through book or web reading; it is an animate, action-based language which by some means does well through video learning, but the best outcomes are obtained through a human interpreter or teacher.