How to Get a Job in Cabin Crew 

There is this prestige that comes with being in the air 30, 000 feet above sea level. It’s something most people look forward to but who are the people who call the shots in the bird up the sky?

They are called the cabin crew and that includes the pilots since everyone asides passengers on board are referred to as the cabin crew members. But pilots are not involved in this context, here we are focused on the rest of the cabin crew. 

Pilots obviously have a special qualification. The rest of cabin crew members include flight attendants and air hostesses. These are the category of people we are focused on. 

So if you love to fly around the world attending to the needs of people on board an airplane, then you need to find yourself in the cabin crew with all of its perks. 

Job Description of Cabin Crew Members

As a flight attendant or a cabin crew member, you’ll be tasked with following: 

  • Welcoming passengers on board and informing them on the basic details of the flight which includes estimated time of arrival (ETA), weather condition, expected turbulence and the level they’ll be flying atop ground level. 
  • Attending pre-flights briefings to obtain relevant information on the flight
  • Ensuring that passengers are comfortable during the flight
  • Serving them meals and refreshments
  • Directing them on how to fasten their seat belts for first-timers, where to place their luggage and safety precautions on air
  • Providing first aid where necessary, in rare cases they could even help a pregnant woman deliver safely 

That and many more are the responsibilities of cabin crew members aboard a plane.

How do you get the Job to become part of the Cabin Crew? 

First you have to meet some basic requirements which is not necessarily anchored on having a degree. Here are the requirements to getting a job in the cabin crew of an airline company.

  • You must be at least 18 years of age. Some airlines might even demand 21
  • Have at least a GCSE at grades 9 to 4 or minimum school qualification before college in your home country
  • Be a good swimmer 
  • Be physically fit, you must pass the fitness test
  • You must have a colour-normal vision 
  • Have a valid international passport 
  • Most airlines will require you to pass a drug test 
  • Be at least 5’5 in height for ladies 

Qualifications may vary per airline, but that’s basically what you will be needing

If you can meet up all these basic requirements, you could apply to airlines that have put out notices for vacancy on their websites with an application letter and a resume. If you are taken, you will have to undertake a training programme which will be conducted by the airline. 

Training could consume any time between three weeks and three months and could include things like; firefighting, first aid, grooming, crew resource, safety and emergency procedures, galley management, product knowledge, customs and immigration regulations. 

There are some skills you might need to possess like top-notch communication skills, numeracy skills, and excellent customer service skills too.