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These courses are all online based and are ideal for beginners.

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What Is Administration?

Administration is the organised way of managing the operations and responsibilities within any organisation, ensuring its systems, people, and other resources are working effectively towards the goals and objectives of the entity.

It involves planning, organising, staffing, directing, and controlling organisational resources to achieve desired outcomes efficiently and effectively.
Skilled administration is crucial for the success of businesses, educational institutions, governmental bodies, and non-profit organisations, playing a pivotal role in decision-making processes and the implementation of strategic plans.

What is adminwork?

As an administrator or secretary, you would provide administrative and clerical support to a business, either as part of a team or as an individual.

As an admin assistant you would coordinate and implement office procedures and have responsibility for particular tasks. Depending on the sector and the size of the company you work for, your daily duties could range from inputting data and typing letters to making appointments and liaising with members of staff and external contacts.

Typically, you would work in an office environment. Opportunities to get into this sector are widespread in the United Kingdom, as companies in all industries require administrators and secretaries. You could work for firms operating in retail, strategic consulting, education and many more.

Areas in Administration

If you have no qualifications or experience, you could begin your career as an administration assistant, in which you would work under the supervision of an administrator or secretary. A great way to achieve this is by taking online admin courses and including these certifications on your CV when applying for admin jobs.

There are various areas of the administration sector in which you could specialise, such as property, legal, medical and financial positions.

You would usually need to enrol with an admin course to gain the specialist knowledge required for such positions.

Once you’re qualified and you begin work, with experience or further education, you can progress into other areas of administration and secretarial work. For instance, you could become a senior administrator, a personal assistant or a financial manager.

Why study an admin course?

Although it’s not compulsory to gain a qualification to enter this profession, you’ll certainly have the edge over another candidate if you have successfully completed an admin training course.

You could study courses like our online admin and secretarial course, BTEC course in Business Management or a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

By enrolling in admin courses, you will gain the knowledge and experience required to start in a position without the need for additional training. Online courses are a great way to learn new skills and knowledge at your own convenience.

There are a number of different admin courses available in which you can learn skills to become an administrator or secretary.

Studying subjects like business admin course, audio transcription, computer skills, shorthand or typing will give you the skills required to become a successful administrator or secretary.

There are also online courses and apprenticeships available.

Career Outcomes from an Administration and Secretarial Course

If you choose to study a course related to the administration and secretarial sector, you can work in a number of industries as an administrator or secretary.

Furthermore, by successfully completing specific courses in specialised areas, you could work in legal, medical or financial secretarial and administrative positions. Another option is to enrol with a language course to add to your administrative and secretarial skills.

You could then apply for positions as a bilingual secretary. With more study and experience, you could progress in your career by becoming a personal assistant to a company director or by becoming a senior administrator, in which you would coordinate and supervise administration staff in a department or organisation.

Frequently Asked Question

Below you will find some common questions student ask prior to joining one of these admin courses.

What are online admin courses?

Online administration courses are designed to provide core knowledge for those students looking to work within the administrative job roles. These training courses are online based, so individuals can study these around their own life and work schedule.

These online admin courses will provide beginners as well as those working within the administrative industry with the opportunity to enhance their skills and administrative capabilities.

What will I learn in an online admin course?

The online learning for admin courses will cover a variety of topics such as role of administrator, office management, communication skills, time management, customer service, meetings, business travel and much more.

Students taking these courses will gain a comprehensive understanding of the administration role and the skills required to perform successfully within it.

Do I need any prior experience to enroll in an admin course?

You do not need any prior experience prior to enrolling on these online courses. These learning courses are designed for beginners and as such it is a great starting point for a career within the administration field.

How are online admin courses structured?

Under each individual admin course you will see the course syllabus which will clearly outline the individual topics covered within the course. Student will study the course modules and complete a range of online assessments.

Will I receive a certificate upon completing the course?

Yes. Upon successful completion of the course you will receive a certificate for the course you have completed.

How do I enrol in an online admin course?

You can enrol on a course by simply clicking on the Add to Basket button on the individual course page.