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Whether you are a beginner in the world of beauty or a beauty professional looking to sharpen your skills, we have a range of online beauty courses that will provide a solid foundation for your career.

Learn core aspects of beauty, including skincare, makeup artistry, hairdressing, nail technology, massage and body care. From mastering advanced techniques like contouring and waxing to understanding salon management principles, these online beauty courses provide great certifications for pursuing a successful career in the beauty industry.

These courses are all online based and are ideal for beginners.

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What is beauty and health?

The beauty-and-health industry allows people to feel confident about their appearances and maintain healthy wellbeing.

If you’re interested in working in this sector, you have an abundance of career options available to you.

Furthermore, there’s a constant demand for creative and qualified graduates in the beauty and health industry, so there are plenty of work opportunities out there.

This is a rewarding career, as it allows you to potentially change people’s lives for the better by making them look and feel good.

Areas in Beauty and Health

There are a large number of beauty and health roles you could pursue a career in. For example, you could become a beauty therapist, in which you would perform a number of treatments that improve the appearance and wellbeing of your clients.

As a beauty therapist, you would perform tasks like applying cosmetics, giving facials and providing massages. In this role, you could work in places like beauty salons, health spas and cruise ships.

Alternatively, once you have completed the required training, you could embark on a career as a makeup artist or hair stylist in the fashion industry, or a nail technician who exclusively works on nails by providing services like manicures, pedicures and nail polishing.

Why study a beauty and health course?

Clients put their trust in beauty and health professionals, so you’ll have to master both practical and theoretical skills before you can begin a career in this industry.

There are a number of beauty and health courses to choose from. You also have the opportunity of enrolling with an apprenticeship, in which you would work while earning a qualification.

Once you have a qualification under your belt, you can begin pursuing a professional career. Available courses include:

  • Beauty Therapy Course, in which you would learn skills like performing manicures, facials and cosmetic application.
  • Hairdressing and Styling Course, which expands upon the skills of a level one course and includes learning procedures like spray tanning, skin cleansing and body hair removal.
  • Nail Technician, in which you would learn more health-orientated skills like massage, aromatherapy and skin treatments.

Career Outcomes from a Beauty and Health Course

Career paths in beauty and health are numerous. You may choose to begin your career as a beauty therapist in a salon, so you can master skills like applying makeup and polishing nails.

With further experience and qualifications, you could then move into a specialised area, such as Indian head massage or aromatherapy.

Other examples of career outcomes from a beauty and health course include:

  • Hair Stylist: In this role, you would provide a number of services such as shampooing, cutting and styling hair.
  • Colourist: In this position, you would specialise in hair colouring services.
  • Aesthetician: Working as an aesthetician, you would cleanse and beautify skin by performing facials, massages and hair removal laser treatments.
  • Massage Therapist: This involves providing massages to treat painful ailments, overworked muscles or sports injuries.