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What is marketing and advertising?

If you have a creative flair, you may like to consider a career in marketing or advertising. These careers involve helping companies to make their potential customers aware of their products and messages.

From brand management to managing campaign accounts, there are lots of opportunities available in marketing and advertising.

This fast-paced industry requires people who are not only creative but who are also able to research, plan and strategize.

Areas in Marketing and Advertising

Every business is involved with selling products or services. Therefore, every company needs employees to work in marketing and advertising.

You could work in any one of a large number of industries. You could market and advertise food products, cars, electronics, window-cleaning services, plumbing services and many other products and services. Within marketing and advertising, there are also a number of areas in which you could work.

For instance, you could work in market research, brand consultancy or media buying and sales.

Other areas in marketing and advertising include:

  • Brand Management.
  • Campaign Metrics and Research.
  • Communications and Public Relations.
  • Content Marketing.
  • Display Advertising.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Market Research.
  • Social Media.

Why study a marketing or advertising course?

Many employers in marketing and advertising prefer employees to have specific skills, attributes and experience more than formal qualifications. However, there are plenty of positions in marketing and advertising that do require you to have a higher-education qualification.

Even if a job position doesn’t require you to have a qualification, having a qualification under your belt will certainly give you the skills and experience you need to begin a career in marketing and advertising.

It’s advisable to complete a course that requires high levels of creativity and excellent communication skills. Digital skills are also often required to work in this industry.

If you progress through the levels of education to be able to enrol with a degree programme, it’s beneficial to do a degree course in subjects like digital marketing, public relations, advertising, event management or communications.

Career Outcomes from a Marketing or Advertising Course

If you gain a formal qualification in a related field, there are a variety of careers you could pursue.

Career outcomes include the following:

  • Advertising Account Executive: This role involves acting as a link between an advertising agency and its clients and coordinating advertising campaigns. You’ll get a job as an advertising account executive more easily if you have a degree or Higher National Diploma in subjects like advertising, marketing or business management.
  • Advertising Art Director: In this position, you would come up with innovative ideas for the visual aspects of advertising campaigns in mediums like cinema, television and posters. To get into this job, you may need a degree in a subject like advertising and marketing, advertising design or graphic design.
  • Marketing Executive: This role involves helping to develop integrated marketing campaigns for a product or service. To become a marketing executive, you’ll usually need to have a degree or Higher National Diploma in a subject like advertising, marketing or business management.