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Whether you’re an aspiring security professional, a business owner looking to enhance your security measures, or simply interested in learning how to keep yourself and others safe, our online courses will meet your study goals.

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What is security?

If you think careers in security are only about being a security guard, you need to think again. Security is about being safe from potential threats.

It could involve protecting an individual by working as a bodyguard, protecting your country by working in the armed forces or protecting a company or private property through providing security measures.

Furthermore, online security is becoming more and more important, so there are a number of careers available that involve protecting internet data.

There are other areas of security too. For instance, you could become the next James Bond by working for MI5.

Areas in Security

As well as the areas mentioned above, there are a number of other careers you could embark upon that involve security.
For example, you could become a:

  • Health and Safety Advisor.
  • Fire Risk Assessor.
  • Prison Officer.
  • Police Officer.
  • Border Force Officer.

Why study a security course?

With so many different security careers, the question of whether you need to earn a specific qualification to enter your chosen profession largely depends on the type of organisation you work for.

If you want to become a security guard, you often won’t need to have qualifications above GCSE level. However, you will usually need to obtain a license through the Security Industry Authority. If you want to work in an emergency planning management role, you will require a degree.

For this role, you would need to study a university subject such as disaster management or security management. As another example, if you want to work in cyber security, it’s advantageous to enrol with a specialised course to earn industry-accredited qualifications.

Certifications for cyber security can be obtained by enrolling with courses via CompTIA or CCNA Security.