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What is travel and tourism?

If you’re passionate about travel or you have an outgoing personality that would suit tourism and hospitality roles, you may enjoy a career in the travel and tourism industry.

Take online travel and tourism courses to boost your career prospects today.

There are some jobs that actually involve travelling. For instance, you could become a member of a commercial cabin crew or you could become a travel journalist.

If you want to work in tourism, you have options such as working as a tour guide, for a tourist information centre or for a tourist attraction.

Areas in Travel and Tourism

In addition to the roles mentioned above, there are a number of other areas in travel and tourism in which you could pursue a career. Here are some of the careers available in this industry:

  • Travel Agent: This role involves booking and planning leisure and business travel for customers.
  • Resort Representative: Working at a holiday resort, either in the United Kingdom or abroad, you would look after holidaymakers during their stay.
  • Port Operative: This profession involves working with cargo, marine craft and passengers in harbours and ports.
  • Airport Information Assistants: This profession is concerned with helping passengers in airports.

Why study a travel and tourism course?

There are lots of jobs in travel and tourism that don’t require you to have qualifications. For instance, you could work in some capacities at a hotel, a bar or a tourist attraction.

However, there are many travel and tourism professions that require you to hold qualifications of specific levels, from GCSEs to degrees.

If you study a degree course in a related travel and tourism subject, you will have many more career options available to you.

Career Outcomes from a Travel and Tourism Course

By completing a higher education course in a travel and tourism related subject, there are many career outcomes available. These include professions that are not directly linked to travel and tourism.

For example, a degree in travel and tourism can allow you to work as a marketing executive or an education manager. Professions that are directly associated with a travel and tourism course include:

  • Tourist Information Centre Manager: In this role, you would oversee services that give advice and provide information on tourist activities in a specific area. A Foundation degree, degree or Higher National Diploma in any subject can allow you to work in this position, but you could become a tourist information centre manager more easily of you have a degree in a related subject like tourism studies or archive and museum studies.
  • Tour Manager: This job involves ensuring travel arrangements for holidaymakers run smoothly. A degree in any subject will allow you to become a tour manager, but it’s helpful to have a degree in a related subject, such as tourism or business with languages.

Airline Pilot: In this role, you would fly passengers and cargo to worldwide destinations. You’ll need to get a private pilot’s license and complete a degree course like Professional Aviation Pilot Practice if you want to become a pilot.