What are Higher National Diplomas?

Higher National Diplomas can be described as vocational or work-related qualifications given out for higher education. In terms of the educational system, an HND or Higher National Diploma is a Level 5 qualification.

What does an HND comprise of?

An HND has been designed to specifically concentrate on acquiring knowledge and skills which can be made use of in a specialised job. HNDs are extremely prized by businesses and employers. They also are able to count towards you being able to gain membership into a professional body and any other organisations.

An HND is flexible in the fact that it can be provided by both higher and further education colleges. Higher National Diplomas typically take 2 years to complete, when it is taken full time. It is also possible to study HNDs on a part-time basis, however this takes a bit longer.

What subjects are available to HND students?

A great thing about studying for a Higher National Diploma qualification is that it is available in a vast array of subjects such as:

  • IT and computing
  • Agriculture
  • Civil engineering and construction
  • Engineering
  • Social and health care
  • Management and business
  • Exercise and sports science
  • Retail & Distribution
  • performing arts
  • hospitality management

What qualifications do you require before you can apply for a Higher National Diploma program?

To be able to study for an HND, it is necessary for you to have some prior qualifications. The majority of HND subjects require a minimum of either an A level or a qualification that is equivalent.

Steps to apply for an HND

For you to be able to apply for an HND, you have to search out a college that offers the course you would like to take. Once found, you should contact that college.

How are Higher National Diploma students assessed?

If you are taking an HND, you can expect to be assessed numerous ways via practical tasks, projects and assignments that are completed over the duration of the course. When you successfully finish a Higher National Diploma Course, the subjects you take are going to be graded with any of the following 3 grades Distinction, merit, and pass, with Distinction being the highest mark available.

Appeals and Retakes

If you get your results and you are unhappy with your performance on a particular practical task or project, you do have a change to better your performance, all you have to do is have a word with your tutor and teacher.

Opportunities after being awarded a Higher National Diploma qualification

When you consider that HNDs were created to provide you the knowledge and skills to be able to function in a particular industry, you are able to make use of this qualification and start your career. It is also possible to leverage on this qualification to improve and grow within your desired career. You are also able to gain a professional status in your career.

It is a great qualification to have, given the fact that you are able to do so much with it.