What are Key Skills?

Key Skills qualifications can be referred to as a certain group of skills which are commonly required in a vast array of activities such as training, education and generally in life and work.

What exactly are Key Skills?

Key skills are what are known as transferable skills. What this means is that once you have knowledge of them, you are able to make use of them in numerous varying scenarios. They can be gotten at many locations such as, Further Education colleges, schools and many other centres that have been approved to teach Key Skills. It is also possible to have Key Skills be offered by certain employers, a Prison service and the military.

A wonderful advantage attached to Key Skills is that it is able to be studied either as a part-time program at a Further Education college or school. It can also be studied as a section of a fulltime course. With a Key Skills qualification, you don’t have to worry about meeting any requirements, as there are no requirements for entry. It is also possible to study your Key Skills Qualification alongside different forms of qualifications like GCSEs.

What can you do with a Key Skills Qualification?

With a Key Skills qualification completed, you will be able to gain an increased level of confidence and belief in your abilities. You are also able to improve your cv. This ensures that employers have a clear idea of what you are able to do. Earning a Key Skills qualification can enable you to progress and earn other qualifications like a degree or an HND. It also provides you with the opportunity to show all the things you have learnt during the program.

Where can you study for Key Skills Qualification and what subjects are available?

You can attain a Key Skills qualification at regional and metropolitan colleges. In terms of the courses available, you can study:

  • Communication
  • Information & Communication Technology
  • Number application
  • Problem-solving
  • Improving your performance and learning
  • Being able to work with others

How are Key Skills assessed?

When it comes to how Key Skills are evaluated, every Key Skill is separately assessed. this assessment is typically based on a self-produced portfolio, which then gets internally assessed by either a school, trainer or Further Education college. What this is, is a folder that houses the proof to show that you have gained the required skills to move on.

There are some Key Skills that will require you to take an exam. This exam is typically externally appraised by a third-party awarding body. Should you not pass that exam, you have unlimited opportunities to retake it. That being said, it is best to have a word with your chosen learning provider to be sure of your retake chances.

You should also know that you are able to speak with a lecturer at either your Further Education College or your school. It is also possible to have a word with your current employer in regards to any Key Skills subjects that are available for you to enlist in.