What qualifications do I need to be a fitness instructor?

Everyone lifts weights adequate to possibilities

The major role of a fitness instructor is to lead individuals in exercise and other activities related to exercise. It is possible that the fitness instructor works with groups or individuals, providing both motivation and instruction. A fitness instructor might specialise in yoga, weight lifting, aerobics or other exercise specialisations.

It is the job of a fitness instructor to talk to individuals to better ascertain their fitness levels as well as their health history. It is the also the job of a fitness instructor to:

  • Set exercise goals both in the long term and short term that are realistic.
  • Create and plan programs to help their clients meet their target
  • Motivate, educate and coach individuals to ensure that get follow the programmes in a manner that is not only safe but effective
  • Provide advice to clients on lifestyle, nutrition and health changes. 
  • Aid clients during the course of their workout 
  • Oversee and record the progress of clients by making use of methods like measuring levels of body fat as well as heart rates.

In the event by you might be interested in working as a fitness instructor you should know that quite a lot of things will be required of you. One of them being the fact that you have to engage in personal training in your private time. 

I became a fitness instructor you will have to gain qualifications like a:

  • Level Two Diploma in Exercise, Fitness and Heath
  • Level Two Certificate in Fitness Instructing
  • Level Two Diploma in Fitness and Instructing Exercise
  • It is also possible to get further qualifications that at particular to the line of work. Some of them include:
  • Level Three Diploma in Personal Training
  • Level Three Diploma in Personal Training and Fitness Instructing

If you are interested in studying these courses, you should be aware that you can study them through private course providers and colleges. To further enhance your reputation and CV it would be best to become a member of an industry related professional organisation. The REPs or Register of Exercise Professionals is a great way to show that you are not only skilled, but also competent. It can also aid your job prospects. 

Should you already happen to be a professional fitness instructor, you can take on the added responsibility and prestige that comes with the Level Three Award. For you to work as a fitness instructor, it is important that you are legally apply to apply first aid. You should also have an insurance policy, particularly a public liability one. This is typically done by the organisation you work with, how’ve, if you happen to be self employed, it might be necessary for you to take on the responsibility yourself. A great way to find out the specifics of your industry as well as any local peculiarities relating to your jurisdiction is to ask your professional body to advice you on the things you need to have as a fitness instructor.