What qualifications do I need to be a personal trainer?

If you are interested in having a career as a personal trainer, and you would like to work with people to help them achieve their exercise and weight goals, then you are definitely interested in finding out the qualifications required to start a career as a personal trainer. 

This article is the answer to your prayers as it includes a clear list of the courses you have to study and the numerous paths you can become certified as a personal trainer. Without further ado, let us begin on the list of requirements and qualifications necessary. 

To become a personal trainer there are a couple of different paths you can take. They are: a course at college, an apprenticeship and directly applying.

When you take a course at college, you give yourself an advantage when it comes to the type of establishments and roles you are able to work in.

 The courses that you need to study before you can become a personal trainer are: 

  • A Level Two Diploma in Fitness and Instructing Exercise
  • A Level Three Certificate in Personal Training

To be able to gain access to these courses, you will have to have as a minimum requirement:

You’ll need:

  • A minimum of 2 GCSEs graded at A* which is 9 to D which is 3 for a Level Two Course
  • 4 to 5 GCSEs graded at A* which is 9 to C which is 4 for a Level Three Course

For you to be able to work in certain jurisdictions, you might be required to gain an REPs and a CIMSPA industry awarded Level Three qualification for personal training. A way to achieve this is to study at an established awarding body. Once you have completed the program, you will now become eligible for membership into the respective bodies of REPs and CIMSPA. 

This membership acts as an integral indicator to any clients that you might have in the future that you are professional and you have received training, qualification and study of a high standard, ensuring that you are fully capable of practicing your duties.

Knowledge and Skills

For you to actually be a great personal trainer you will need to be:

  • Patient and be able to keep your cool even in situations that are stressful
  • Understanding and be sensitive to the disposition of others
  • Able to work in an efficient manner with others
  • Actually love working with others
  • Able to work by yourself
  • Able to show great customer service skills
  • Knowledgeable of teaching methods, as well as be able to design plans

Should you decide that you do in fact what to become a personal trainer, and that is the right path for you, one thing you should not be is tempted to locate the quickest means possible to become qualified.

There is no sense in limiting your knowledge and short-changing any future clients that you might have. You should always go the proper route to become a personal trainer.