What does a Fitness Instructor Do?

What’s it like being a Fitness Instructor

The major role of a fitness instructor is to lead individuals in exercise and other activities related to exercise. It is possible that the fitness instructor works with groups or individuals, providing both motivation and instruction. A fitness instructor might specialise in yoga, weight lifting, aerobics or other exercise specialisations.

Responsibilities and roles

  • Motivate clients
  • Create customisable training plans for groups and individuals
  • Ensure clients are safely operating exercise machines
  • Monitor the progress of clients and offering feedback when necessary
  • Demonstrate correct techniques and proper equipment use
  • Sell products and services to current and potential customers
  • Stock supplies and maintain them
  • Listen to any complaints that clients may have
  • Administer first aid if required
  • Offer tips concerning nutrition
  • Enforce the regulations and rules of the facility

How do you become a fitness instructor?

For you to become a fitness instructor, it is necessary for you to be in peak physical condition. This is because you have to act as a great role model and motivator for your clients. To work as a fitness instructor, you only need to have a secondary school degree, however there are numerous health centres and gyms that opt to hire fitness instructors with a degree in a health or fitness related field.

A degree like that becomes particularly important when you are working on a closer basis with clients. The majority of employers require that fitness instructors learn CPR, AED and first aid.

It does not matter if you desire to work as a fitness instructor instructing group classes or as a personal trainer, it is always a great idea to become professionally certified. While not every employer requires you to be certified, you actually gain an advantage over other job applicants with your certification.

What interpersonal skills do I need to be successful as a fitness instructor?

Apart from getting an education and being certified, you will need particular personal qualities or soft skills for you to become successful as a fitness instructor. The most imperative of these skills are:

Instructing skills: this skillset is important as you have to ensure that your clients understand the right way to not only exercise, but also make use of the equipment. This is done by dutifully explaining then demonstrating the correct techniques.

Customer service skills: it should be your main aim to understand the needs of your clients and move to satisfy them as a fitness instructor.

Motivating ability: quite a lot of people don’t exercise because they enjoy it, they actually do so because they have to. It is your job to ensure that they remain motivated, thereby making their exercise experience one that is enjoyable.

Verbal Communication Skills: This skill involves you being able to plainly and precisely deliver instructions and information to your clients.

Listening skills: you should be able to fully and almost instantly comprehend what your clients are saying, as that will help you comprehend what their needs are and how you can fulfil them