What’s it like being a Veterinary Nurse

What's it like being a Veterinary Nurse

To know what it is like to be a veterinary nurse, you first have to understand what exactly veterinarian nursing is. Veterinarian nursing can be defined as the sympathetic care of any animals that are receiving treatment over the course of a veterinary practice.

The role of a veterinary nurse is to work as part of a veterinary team, offering experienced nursing care for any animals that are sick. Veterinary nurses actually play an integral role in ensuring that owners are educated on how to ensure that their pets remain healthy.

Veterinary nurses engage in extremely technical work, which means that they are skilled enough to carry out a vast array of diagnostic tests, minor surgical operations and medical treatments under the direction of the vet.

Below is a list of duties assigned to a veterinary nurse

The daily activity of a veterinary nurse tends to vary; however, their responsibilities might include:

  • Prepping patients for any surgical operations
  • Offering support to owners and their animals before operations and when operations are over.
  • Providing necessary assistance in the operating room, by scrubbing down
  • Offering to carry out consultations in various scenarios
  • Administering fluid therapy and medications to patients
  • Observe and record the vital signs of patients such as pain, respiration, pulse and temperature
  • Apply bandages to fractures and wounds
  • Teach pet owners on the importance of preventive care and nutrition
  • Offer advice on basic behavioural traits
  • Assist as required in emergency situations
  • Offering appropriate water and food to patients
  • Carry out radiographs
  • Monitoring vital signs of patients such as pulse, temperature, respiratory rates and other signs.
  • Engage in a vast array of analytical tests such as urine and blood samples.
  • Providing medication and demonstrating to owners the instructions attached to them
  • Managing and supporting teams

Veterinary nursing is a career path that offers rewarding opportunities for individuals that have shown interest in animal safety and health.

There has actually been an upsurge offers for veterinary nurses, with employment prospects showing excellent signs.

Cleaning before surgery is a task that is left to the veterinary nurse to carry out. It is an essential important task that must be carried out with great concentration and a strict following of any guidelines.


Veterinary nurses have to be trained and every bit of it training is offered via universities or colleges. Before you can train, you have to ensure that you meet the minimum requirements set out by the higher institution or awarding organisation of your chosen course.

Students that are interested in studying veterinary have to register with the right authoritative body in accordance with the law. This ensures that you are legally certified and allowed to undertake the numerous procedures found in veterinary nursing.

This is important as every individual that studies veterinary nursing has to be able to comprehend the rules, stick by them and also carry them out in a manner that is of the exacting standards set out by the governing body.