What’s it like working as an accounts assistant

Are you interested in knowing more about what role an accounts assistant has to play in an organisation?

 Considering it is an entry level role, you might not actually not need to study the course or attend a certain school for a long time to start out. The truth is most people actually begin working as an accounts assistant as they are interested in becoming either accountants or working in the finance sector. They believe it offers them an opportunity to learn and also gain valuable industry experience.

What does the job of an accounts assistant entail?

Accounts assistants have the opportunity of with an accountant or an entire accounting department to offer support and carry out certain required tasks. 

A couple of the responsibilities you can expect to carry out as an accounts assistant is to maintain a general ledger, reconcile payroll hours, assist in processing accounts payable, as well as answering phones, copying documents, receiving payments and checks, maintaining files and typical bookkeeping. 

You should note that the tasks that you will actually undertake on a day to day basis are largely dependent on how experienced you are, how many accountants exist in the organisation structure and how large the company is. There are some firms that make it a requirement for new assistants to show that they are able to run financial reports or maintain records before the company gives them additional responsibilities.

There has been arise in the demand for accounts assistants over the years. This is also in correlation with the rise in demand for accountants.

How do you become an accounts assistant?

At the very minimum, it is necessary for you to have an associates degree in a corresponding course before you are able to choose this as a career path. The moment you decide to select a degree you should be acutely aware that the majority of employers tend to employ the candidates that major in accounting or business. 

They also require that applicants show that they are able to utilise a computer and have sufficient maths skills before they are employed. If you would lie to be an accounts assistant at a top organisation, it might make a lot of sense to become certified with the National Bookkeepers Association, or an equivalent certification body near you. 

When you take the amount of time required to become certified, you make yourself stand out, enabling to request a much larger salary. It also offers you the possibility to expand your responsibilities into the field.

Since we have covered what an accounts assistant is and what the responsibilities that role entails, the next step would be to discover how you can actually become qualified to apply for the position of an accounts assistance. 

The first step would be to get an associates degree from a reputable and accredited school. When you choose to pursue a program that is accredited, you then place yourself at the forefront of the acknowledgement phase of your potential employers. The next step would be to gain experience, which can then be used to earn a certification.