What’s it like working as an Air Cabin Crew Member

If you are interested in living the fast-paced lifestyle as an air cabin crew member, there are a couple of things you will need to prove. Professionalism and dedication regardless of where you are, are the hallmarks of an air cabin crew member.

It is your duty to provide customer service of an excellent standard to passengers whilst ensuring they are both safe and comfortable over the duration of their flight. Air cabin crew members are trained to handle emergency and situations that might appear. They are also trained to give first aid to any passengers that might need it.

Your job as an air cabin crew member will involve ensuring that every emergency equipment works as it should and that sufficient supplies are on the aircraft before takeoff. You will be involved in helping passengers come aboard the plane, as well as providing demonstrations of safety equipment and procedures. It is your duty as an air cabin crew member to ensure that passengers have a pleasant flying experience. It is also part of your duties to serve meals, refreshment and sell duty-free gifts and items. You have the possibility of working on long or short-haul flights.

Air Cabin Crew Member Responsibilities 

The tasks you have to undertake will typically differ depending on the team size, as well as the type of flight you are working on, either long haul or short haul. That being said, the duties you will undertake involve the following and more:

  • Attending pre-flight briefings: which will involve air cabin crew members being assigned to their operational positions during the flight. At this briefing, you will be informed of the details of the flight, its schedule, how many infants or children will be on the aircraft if passengers with special requirements like passengers in wheelchairs or diabetic passengers will be on board
  • Engaging in preflight checks: which involves ensuring that all safety equipment is checked. Security checks will also have to be carried out. The aircraft has to also be tidied and clean, ensuring that all information usually found inside the seat pockets are updated. You will also have to check that the stock, drinks and meals are on the aircraft.

Working hours for cabin crew

Air cabin crew members typically work in shifts, with the majority of these shifts including unsocial and irregular hours. These shifts can include early mornings, at weekends, over the night, on public holidays and weekends. It is, however, possible to get regular hours on short-haul flights compared to long haul ones. You can also have the opportunity to work parttime, however, these reduced hours still require working unsocial hours.

Things to expect

You should be aware that airlines that typically provide services for the holiday package market usually hire air cabin crew staff on a cyclical basis. There are some airlines that require their staff to reside within seamless travelling distance or a particular radius of the airport. It is imperative that you are flexible if you want to become an air cabin crew member, as it might be necessary to work at short notices.