Working in Child Care

Someone who feels amazing around children and can truly dedicate his/her life for a complete stranger child’s foundational education, personal well-being, creative networking and emotional development; then that someone can fit well to work in child care.

A child care worker with a positive approach and a motivational influence can make a huge difference in influencing a child’s adulthood by the way he nurtures him through child care.

Who is a Child Care Worker?

A child care worker can be delineated as someone who looks after other people’s children when the parents or relatives are unavailable, and there is no one else to take care of. A child care worker is an acting substitute to parents or family in their absence.

These substitutes provide a child with all the fundamental requirements that would otherwise be fulfilled by the child’s parents, which includes bathing, dressing, brushing, feeding, learning, playing, questioning and growing.

The Role of a Child Care Worker:

In recent years, the provision of child care services has been modified to a great extent. Today, they can care for children in child care centres, at their own house or the child’s home.

Apart from changing diapers and scheduling their meals, child care workers handle a lot of other significant aspects of a child’s day to day life, such as:

  • Ensuring safety
  • Preparing healthy and delicious meals for children
  • Timing each activity of their day
  • Maintain excellent hygiene levels for every child
  • Educate children with books as well as outdoor activities, so they know what exploring the world is like
  • Read stories and conceptual books to toddlers so that they grasp maximum words per day
  • Handle emotional shaping and physical disciple of children
  • Make parents aware of any personality developments issues being faced by children
  • Maintain records of children concerning their meals, sports, bath, art and educational activities, and their annual progress.
  • Teach the need to respect and interact with each other in a group of children; a strong foundation of teamwork is essential
  • Equip them with the speech and behaviour necessary for primary school admission
  • Get children to enjoy extracurricular activities like dancing, painting, and crafting their imagination indoor with paper while outdoor with sand.

Child Care Job Categories:

Child Care Centre Workers:

Involves working with kindergarten teachers and teaching assistants to nurture children based on a structured outline while monitoring their progress too.

Family Child Care Providers:

A substantial amount of child care workers are part of such a system which allows them to work from home at working hours that suit them best.

So they cater to their own family and simultaneously ensure a safe, family-oriented and healthy atmosphere for the child care children too.


Nannies work from a parent employer’s home; they are dedicated to the care of just one child throughout their job contract.


They also work from a parent employer’s home, but they are not confined to work in one home. Babysitters care for many children based on different time slots.

Qualifications for Working in a Child Care:


  1. Early Childhood Education & Care


  1. Early Childhood Education & Care
  2. Education Support