What Qualifications Do I Need To Become An Estate Agent?

Qualifications Do I Need To Become An Estate Agent

As an estate agent, you need to be knowledgeable about properties and their value even though are you not technically an estate value expert or surveyor. This is because you will need all this knowledge when persuading a potential buyer. This can be gotten away from the classroom and off the streets as an apprentice or can be gotten in the classroom of a university or college.

This latter option gives you a more professional and responsible aura before clients. It will tell on your communication skills and the dash of professionalism you bring to the negotiation table.

You want to be an estate agent?

Here Are Some the Qualifications You Will Need

Beyond all the skills you will need to stay smart with clients and potential buyers out there in the field you will need the following:

A University Degree

A degree in estate management can give you the gear you need to get started on the right foot. You can also opt for a diploma in a college that offers estate management, urban and region planning, surveying, property management and development or any other related housing course.

A degree also in building technology and civil engineering can be of tremendous help to your career as an estate agent. You can even juggle both roles comfortably (estate agent and civil engineer/building technician). In fact, The Course Mix offers tutor support and help on over 200 online courses.


Learning on the field as an apprentice comes as another option to getting qualified as an estate agent. However, you’ll be limited in some way. This limitation could come in terms of professional estate management bodies.

You won’t be able to join or qualify to become a member if you don’t have any academic foundation on estate management or surveying.

As an apprentice, you will learn a lot in the field since you are already exposed to the entire nature of the job. You will go out often with a mentor and see how properties are valued, you will be present at negotiations and you will learn the ropes of the entire business.

With time, you can start working as an estate agent without any qualifications whatsoever, safe maybe for your GSCE. This route offers you the platform to learn, work and even back it up with a diploma.

As an apprentice, you have the major field experience but you might need to enroll in a college/university either on part time basis or full time to get the necessary academic background that will enable you stay relevant in the business.

Some potential buyers, especially those from the corporate world with insights on the business might not take you too seriously. They are from the corporate world and they will feel more comfortable working with someone who has a license as an estate manager and belongs to a professional body of estate managers.

You don’t have both as an apprentice and that brings another limitation to you and the more reason why you should strive to get that degree or diploma and access shut doors in the career. You’ll usually be able to rise up in your career quicker if you have a higher education qualification too.

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