Whats It Like Working In A Kennel

Whats It Like Working In A Kennel

As a kennel attendant it will be your duty to offer day to day care for any dogs that are present in the kennel. It will be your duty to help schedule boarding appointments for the animals, clean runs and cages, vroom, bath, exercise, feed, give medication and also monitor the behaviour of any animals present. It is also your duty to communicate with clients when hey drop off and pick up their dogs.

When you work in a kennel you typically work under a supervisor, typically the manager of the kennel, a breeder, a veterinarian, or any facility supervisor. If you happen to work in a enamel t a part of a veterinary practice, it might be necessary for you assist in restraining and handling dogs for any veterinary procedures that might be performed on them.

There are also certain kennels that provide training services to dog owners. This means it might be necessary for you to provide assistance during these types activities. It is important to note that these activities are usually carried out under the supervision of an experienced trainer. Check these popular online courses and learn more about animal care today.

If you are interested in working in a kennel, you should be aware that you have the opportunity of being employed by veterinary clinics, show dog facilities, daycare for dogs, as well as organisations that engage in animal rescue. It is also possible for you to advance in your role as a kennel attendant and one day work as kennel manager.

It is also possible for you to take the experienced gained and open up your very own pet sitting or boarding business. There are some kennels t offer boarding services to animals other than dogs. These animals are: rabbits, cats, exotic birds etc. It is important to know that these animals are usually placed in an area that separate from where the dogs are kept.

Training and Education

To work in a kennel as a kennel assistant, you don’t have to be formally trained or have a degree. It is actually a commonplace to have this position filled by a high school or an undergraduate looking to study in a veterinary related field.

Numerous aspiring veterinarians, veterinary assistants, groomers and breeder typically begin as kennel attendants. It is also recommend to study an range on online dog courses as this will give you even more knowledge of canines.

The majority of individuals that are successful when applying for a role as a kennel attendant typically have past experience having worked with animals. These past roles can be as a dog walker, veterinary assistant or pet sitter. One advantage that can count is if you have prior experience dealing with a family pet.

If you happen to have no experience whatsoever, you don’t have to worry as the majority of kennels tend to have their most experienced staff member train any new employees to ensure that they are able to sufficiently and safely complete any required tasks.

One thing that is certain is that there are bound to be numerous oppprtunities available for individuals that want to work in kennels. This is because there are bound to be more facilities being opened in order to help accommodate the ever increasing pet population.

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