What Does An Administrator Do?

What’s it like working in Administration

A question often asked is What is it like working in Administration? Or, What does an admin do?

Working in administration means being employed in a role that is called administrative assistant. It is the duty of administrative assistants to perform administrative tasks and clerical duties which support a wide range of different organisations.

An administrative assistant is typically employed in almost every industry. The majority of entry level administrative positions are open to individuals that have a secondary school certification, it is imperative that they have great computer and communication skills.

That being said there are a few administrative assistant roles that require specialised knowledge in relation to the particular industry they are working in.

When you work in administration, you can expect to be responsible for numerous organisational and clerical duties which are deemed necessary by your employer.

These necessary duties ensure that the business is run in a manner that is organised and efficient.

While the majority of your duties typically depend on your chosen industry and the organisation you work for, the general theme of your duties include:

  • Typing documents such as reports and letters deemed important to the workplace
  • Processing outgoing and incoming mail
  • Greeting any visitors to the organisation and ensuring that they are attended to for the duration of their visit
  • Answer email, social media and telephone inquiries and also forwarding said enquiries to qualified personnel when appropriate
  • Creating computer records and ensuring they are maintained
  • Maintaining files
  • Performing some bookkeeping duties
  • Monitoring the levels of stock and ordering replacements when required
  • Recording the minutes of every interview
  • Booking conferences, seminars, and meetings, as well as organising the catering aspect
  • Coordinating managers and executives appointment

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The administration work environment

It is possible for administrative assistants to work in a vast array of industries.

Quite a lot of individuals that work in administration are employed by medical and legal offices, schools, government agencies, private enterprises and hospitals.

The majority of those that work in administration tend to share office spaces with other professionals in the administrative sector, however, it is possible to find individuals that independently work in their very own space.

This office space is typically next to the executive they are assigned to. Unlike the numerous business roles that have been modernised, it is actually quite rare for those that work in administration to telecommute.

This is because the nature of the role and the responsibilities attached require them to be at the office in person.

When you work in administration as an administrative assistant, you are typically expected to work hours that can be classified as full time.

These work hours typically range from 35-40 hours.

It is possible to get overtime; however, this is largely dependent on the company you work in and the responsibilities that are required of you.

To be able to work in administration you will have to have certain skills such as organisation, basic computer skills, oral and written communication, a personable nature, great attention to detail, be a self starter and a team player, problem solving abilities, competent numeracy skills, strong work ethic, flexibility and more.