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Do you have a passion for animals? Or perhaps you are looking for a career working with animals? We have animal care courses online that allow students to turn that passion for animals into a new career.

With over 450 online animal care courses to choose from, The Course Mix offers a wide range of choice when it comes to animal care.

Taking an online animal care course will help students to enhance their career and employment prospects within the animal care sector. Below you will find a list of related animal care courses available on The Course Mix:

Animal Care Course

animal care courses online

The online animal care course is perfect for those students who want to understand greater aspects of animal care whilst developing their skills. The learning modules in this course cover a range of topics including, animal health and well-being, feeding animals, animal in society and more. Split across 8 modules the animal care course is studied online and requires 80 recommended learning hours. A great course to if you are interesting in caring for animals, to learn more information and boost your career prospects.


Canine Behaviour Training Course

Canine Behaviour Training Course

Taking a Canine Behaviour Training course is very popular amount those who want to develop their understanding of dog behaviour. Covering a range of learning modules including early dog development, brain functions within dogs, understanding environmental influences, how canines learn and more. This animal-related course covers 12 course modules and takes approximately 80 hours to complete. This is a great course if you want to work with canines or to use for your own pets. Enrolling on the course today with provide instant access to your learning.


Animal Nursing and Welfare Course

Animal Nursing and Welfare Course

What better way to learn about animal welfare then by joining this online animal and nursing welfare course. Containing over 9 learning modules and taking approximately 60 hours to complete this level 3 animal welfare course is perfect to add to your CV. Learn about animal anatomy, animal breeding, reception duties and lots more with this fascinating course. As with all the animal care courses online it comes with accreditation, tutor support and 12 months course access.


Animal Management Course

Animal Management Course

The online animal management course is perfect is you are looking for a career within the animal care sector. Featuring 9 learning modules the course covers a comprehensive range of animal study topics including animal physiology, animal training, animal development and more interesting subjects. Enrol on the animal management course today and start your learning.


Animal Communications Course

Animal Communications Course

Understand animal communications and how animals interactive with each other by taking this online animal communications course. Exploring a range of popular topic areas the animal communications course covers a range of interesting topics. From preparing to communicate with animals and theory of animal communications to working with pets, this course provides a great insight in the world of animal communications. This is a great course is you are looking for an animal care career, wanting to increase your interest with animals or to help understand your own pets. The animal communication course is on special offer, you can enrol today and receive instant access to your course.


Animal Psychology Course

Animal Psychology Course

The animal psychology course is a very popular course amount those considering a career within the animal care sector. Understanding the psychological aspect of animal behaviour and their motivations for such behaviour provides interesting scope for learning. Split across 8 learning modules the animal psychology course is studied online and requires 60 hours of learning. If you are considering a career working with animals we recommend enrolling onto the animal psychology course today.


Veterinary Support Assistant Course

Veterinary Support Assistant Course

The Veterinary Support Assistance course provide learners with a detailed insight into the vet support role within a veterinary clinic or practice. This is a perfect for students who are wanting to understand the roles and procedures involved in being a vet support assistant (VSA). From handling animals, understand animal first aid to understanding the veterinary practice team and dealing with animal health emergencies the course provides an exceptional learning experience for those looking for a veterinary support assistant.


Dog Grooming Course

Dog Grooming Course

The Dog Grooming Beginner and Advanced course provides students with a chance to understand the procedures involved in dog grooming. Cover over 21 learning modules the course has been designed to make learning both comprehensive and engaging. If you are wanting a career working with canines or to apply the techniques on your own pets then this course is perfect for you.


Dog Training Course

Dog Training Course

The Dog Training course is perfect for those wanting to work with canines or to apply to household pets. This dog training course explores a range of learning modules included canine learning patterns, understanding dog communications and techniques for training. Covering 8 core course modules the course provides a great insight into the knowledge of being a dog trainer. A truly perfect course to enrol if you are wanting to further your understanding of canines and wanting to take your career to that next level.


Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Course

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

If you are wanting to work as a dog walker or pet sitter this course is perfect. The dog walking and pet sitter course has been designed to provide students with an understanding of how to effective perform in the job role. Split across 10 learning modules the dog walking course covers a wide range of topics. It takes approximately 70 hours to complete this online course and gain your certificate. So, whether you are wanting to start your own dog walking business or are intending to work with canines, this course is perfect!


Whether looking for animal courses related to animal care, veterinary nursing, canine behaviour, horse care or animal welfare, you will find a great selection of animal care courses online.

From previous experience and speaking with students who have enrolled on animal-related courses with The Course Mix our research has found that students have always had a passion for animals, keen to pursue a new career working with animals, want to progress in their career, have displayed a keen interested in animals or are simply looking for a new hobby.

All our animal care courses are studies online and accredited through CPD. Students have 12 months access to our animal courses, tutor support is available, online assessments and PDF certificates are all included as part of the course.

There a no time limits to complete these animals courses, so long as you complete the course within the 12 month access period.

Our animal care courses are available to students worldwide and there are no age restrictions.

Take your career to the next level and start an animal care course with The Course Mix today.

Accredited Animal Care Courses

Studying towards an accredited course is an ideal way to ensure that your certificate will be recognised upon completion of your studies. That is why we offer accredited animal care courses online through the CPD Certification Service, which is an internationally recognised awarding body.

All the online animal care courses have been independently accredited and certified by the CPD Certification Service. Once students finish their course they will receive a certificate signed and certified by the awarding body. The certificates are professionally designed and can be included as part of your portfolio of evidence or used for potential employment interviews.

accredited animal care courses

Taking an accredited course means that students will be studying towards a recognised animal related course. Whether you are study for a new career or progressing in your career working with animals, taking a course for your passion of animals, wanting to understand animal skills for your own pets or just studying for a new hobby, once you complete your animal course you will receive a certificate that is accredited and recognised in the animal sector.

Having accreditation on the animal care courses helps employers to understand and recognise the learning level and standard involved in the course. It demonstrates to employers that the student has learnt the knowledge required about the animal sector and is able to put into practice the new found skills to animals within their care.

The CPD accredited animal care courses are recognised throughout the animal industry, many animal welfare centres, veterinary clinics, veterinary practices, animal shelters, farms and dog grooming saloons undertake our accredited animal care courses for their employees. Employers enrol their staff onto CPD accredited animal-related courses with us because they understand the value of keeping their staff skills up-to-date with CPD training.


Animal Care Career Opportunities

The animal sector is an excellent sector to work in, as the job is filled with people who have a strong passion for working with animals. When taking an animal care course online it is useful to see and assess potential career opportunities that can become available.

Over 12 million households across the UK (46% of the homes) have pets in their home, with this need for household pets and animals comes the demand for animal care professionals who can help take care of and treat these household pets and animals. Across the country animal care and veterinary care is such a thriving industry and with such a large number of households being pet owners it is no wonder why the industry is large and growing.

Animal Care Career Opportunities

The animal care industry covers a range of establishments such as animal clinics, veterinary practices, animal high-street chains, pet grooming, pet sitting, pet walking, pet breeding and animal health.

If you have a passion for animals taking an animal care course online will help you display that genuine love of animals to employers in the animal industry. It is a great place to start and can act as a stepping stone into the industry. By taking an accredited animal care course it will show potential employers that you have gained the necessary skills and can put those into practice in your next animal related role.

Taking an animal course online will also demonstrate to potential employers that you have taken the necessary steps to embark on a career and you are wanting to learn and develop more within the animal industry.

There are many career and employment opportunities available in the animal sector. Whether you have just left school, looking for a new career, want to progress in your existing field, returning to work or fancy a career change, below we have listed a few popular animal career and job roles within the industry:

  • Animal Carer
  • Animal Care Assistant
  • Vet Receptionist
  • Pet Nutritionist
  • Animal Welfare
  • Animal Breeder
  • Dog Day Care
  • Animal Behaviourist
  • Animal Groomer
  • Veterinary Support Assistant (VSA)
  • Veterinary Nurse
  • Veterinarian
  • Pet Shop Assistant
  • Zoo Keeper
  • Animal Welfare Office
  • Dog Handler
  • Animal Walker
  • Horse Carer
  • Farm Worker
  • Wildlife rehabilitator

As you can see from the list above, there are many career opportunities for those who want a career in the animal sector.

One of the main advantages of taking an animal care courses online with The Course Mix is that you once you enrol onto any course you can add the certification to your CV straight away. You can include the courses you enrol on straight onto your CV and show any potential employers or work placement opportunities that you are currently studying the course.

By starting a career working with animals and taking an online course as part of the first steps you could:

  • Become an animal care assistant
  • Learn about pet nutrition or first aid
  • Work in veterinary nursing
  • Become a pet walker or sitter
  • Learn about canines or felines
  • Understand equine behaviour

A career working with animals is truly rewarding and many people who join the animal sector tend to stay for a lifetime. The animal sector provides great satisfaction and personal fulfilment for an individual who has a genuine passion for animals. It’s never too early or late to start a career working with animals, take the first step and enrol on an animal care course today.


Animal Care Course from Home

When it comes to studying an animal-related course studying online is the ideal way to gain an accredited and internationally recognised certificate without having to physically attend a college. If you are wanting to study animal care courses from home choosing us is the perfect solution, as you will be able to study online from the comfort of your own home or office. Studying animal care courses online gives students the flexibility of choosing their own study hours and allows them to study alongside existing work/life commitments.

animal care courses studying from homeStudying the animal-related courses through our online eLearning portal enables students to unlock their hidden potential. Students can study at their own pace, in their own time without having to ever miss a lesson or getting left behind.

With the online animal courses students, can start and stop their learning at their own leisure, because the eLearning portal will track a student’s progress throughout the course and allow students to re-start their studies where they last finished.

This is a very useful feature to eLearning as it allows student to take a break from their studies and jump right back in where they left off. With traditional college animal care courses the individual progress tracking that eLearning offers is not achievable, because if a student ever misses a lesson or class, they will not be able to restart and ultimately get left behind. With online animal courses missing lessons is a thing of the past.

In addition to student progress, student grades and assessments are also tracked with animal care courses from home, because the eLearning functionality allows for assessment grades to be stored an tracked.


Animal Care Work Experience

Do I need to be in a work placement or employment before taking an animal care course? This is a common question that student ask before enrolling into one of our animal care courses online. The short answer to the question is No. Students do not need to have any previous experience working with animals, be employed in an animal related job or taking a voluntary placement prior to enrolling on any animal care course.

Students can enrol into one of our animal related courses and will gain their full certification upon completion of the course. This can be added to your CV or used as part of your portfolio of evidence. If a student wants to find voluntary, work placement or employment within the animal sector whilst studying on the animal care course, than this is perfectly fine and will add value to your career.

However, it should be noted that being in a work placement or employment is not a pre-requite for enrolling onto a course.


What is Animal Care?

Animal Care or sometimes referred to as animal welfare, focuses on the well-being of animals.

Animal care covers a full range of animals such as household pets, small and large animals. When we use the term animal care we generally refer to the conditions in which the animal lives, is the animal comfortable, is the animal healthy, is the animal safe in its surroundings, is the animal well-nourished. These are all questions and focus areas that we assess when we use the term animal care.

At the course mix we offer a wide selections of accredited and recognised animal care courses online. All our animal-related courses will discuss the topics of animal care and welfare.


Animal Care Course Reviews

When studying for any online course it is always useful to know past student reviews, testimonials and opinions about a that course. How did they find studying online? Was the learning enjoyable? These are all valid questions that students will have prior to enrolling on an online course.

Look below to see a range of student reviews and what they have said about a selection of our animal care courses online.

Reviews for Animal Care Course

animal care course reviews
Reviews for Veterinary Nursing Bundle Course


Veterinary Nursing Course Reviews


Reviews for Dog Grooming Course

Dog Grooming Course Reviews

The feedback we receive from our students is a reflection to the passion and commitment of the course tutors and everyone involved at The Course Mix. We are dedicated to providing the best standards and highly valuable information in our animal care courses.


Key Course Points

Attendance: The animal care courses online are studied just as the name implies, online. This is also commonly known as studying from home or a type of distance learning. Once a student enrols onto the animal courses online, the course information and student login details will be sent so you via email so you can begin your studies.

Start Date: You can join any of the animal-related courses at any time, in fact you can enrol now and your course login details will be sent instantly.

Duration: Student will have 12 months access to the online animal courses. Should a student need longer, a course extension can be provided.

Animal Care Courses Online Final Thoughts

We hope you have found this article on animal care courses an interesting read. We highly appreciate it and if you have any questions about the animal courses featured in this article, career advice for the animal sector or just want share some tips please use the comments section below.

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    I have always been interested in understanding animals and find this article has some really good information about animal care courses. I have read through everything on animals and some of the animal courses that you recommend. I think the animal care course is the one that I will start studying.

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    very useful information about animals and animal care in here I liked the animal care courses you have on offer. I am thinking of taking an online animal care courses and the prices seem very good

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    Please answer this question.

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    Thanks you very much and good article.

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    Thanks Dan

    • The Course Mix Team
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      Hi Daniel,

      This is a very good question on the animal care courses online article.

      When it comes to online animal care courses when choosing which one is the best this is largely dependent upon which career or interest route you want to go down.

      For example, if you are wanting to work within the animal welfare sector most students tend to take the Animal Care Course or the Animal Welfare course.

      Alternatively, if you wanted to work with animals in Veterinary Practices then most students tend to study for a Veterinary Support Assistant course.

      I hope that helps to answer your questions and if you need anything else please just let us know.


      George Curran
      The Course Mix Team

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