What is eLearning?

10 Reasons for eLearning

In this article on The Course Mix we will begin to explore the concept of eLearning. We aim to explore the eLearning concept and how it can help individuals with their learning.

The Course Mix is a provide on online courses and eLearning materials offering over 200 online courses across a diverse range of subject areas. Cover animal care courses online to teaching and education courses the site offers students to chance to gain new skills and certifications through eLearning.

Some students may have questions when it comes to elearning such as:

  • What is elearning?
  • Is elearning legitimate?
  • Is elearning right for me?
  • Do employer recognise elearning courses?


E-learning has become an acceptable vehicle to education, progress, and an integral part of the learning process.

The traditional conception of education is many people together in a classroom learning individual lessons from a single classroom teacher/professor. The teacher would write on the board and explain the lecture to the columns, while the students would raise their hands on any areas they do not understand.

Some educators even believe bringing computers into a classroom removes the human element needed educational facilities, but time has passed since these stages, technology has matured greatly and we have reached the era of the social networking, mobile technology, and the Internet of Things.

When everything is connected and all kinds of knowledge and content are at the top of your fingers, it comes as no surprise that educational institutions are the wealth of interactive tools to make long-distance learning both engaging and valuable.

The Course Mix for example, offers online training courses to student all over the world. To study a course students simply need an internet connection. Students can even study their online courses with The Course Mix through their mobile browsing devices.

e-Learning on the move

eLearning on Smart PhoneE-learning refers to distance learning education through any kind of internet connection, just like with The Course Mix and its eLearning courses. Additionally, eLearning could be through Webinars, Skype calls, Webinar conferences, shared web pages, and so on.

There are universities all around the world offering complete non-person programs, while there are others that don’t even have a physical space.

Virtual education mostly offers short courses and online skills, like for example animal care courses online, teaching assistant course, social media marketing, marketing management, creative writing and more; or professional skills like accountancy, bookkeeping courses, and so on.

For instance, The Course Mix’s best seller courses refer to the CPD Accredited Teaching Assistant Level 2 course. Traditional colleges and universities can offer virtual lessons as well, but they still rely mostly on face-to-face master classes

How to find E-learning opportunities?

The Course Mix is a great resource for finding online courses. Students can study a range of courses from accountancy based courses, marketing courses, finance courses, health and social care course and many more.

How are online courses?

eLearning CoursesOnline courses do have a schedule you must follow in order to move forward. You’ll have to read through the learning material and complete a series of online test to advance the lesson.

Once you finish the course you’ll obtain a online certificate and can order a psychical certificate.

The average virtual lesson will ask you for 60 hours per course for a period of up to 12 months.

Keep in mind you’ll be able to verify the digital certificate in the eyes of your future employees, or at the gates of your next university or college.

The benefits of E-learning

There are several advantages for choosing E-education. The most important one is that you or your business will save time and money.

  •         It’s cost effective: you’ll no longer waste time travelling to the classroom, printing materials, and buying textbooks. Instead, online education will help you save money and increase the productivity of your workspace.


  •         24/7 education: you can access a lesson anytime, anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. It gives you the ability to manage your time as you like and, if you’re managing a team, it allows your staff to complete the courses where they like.


  •         It easy to track and prove progress: recognised e-courses have well implemented Learning Management System (LMS), which are essential to proof you’ve completed the mandatory training, lessons, and tests: virtual institutions will give you the tools to track your online content and your progress.


  •         It’s discreet: not everyone feels comfortable in large groups, so E-learning is a great alternative for those individuals who prefer solitude and peace over multitudes and crowded places.

That’s it for this article on eLearning, we hope you have enjoyed reading this.


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