What’s It Like Be A Letting Agent

One of the things you have to understand is that there isn’t anything like a usual day in a letting agent’s life.

This is because there is so much tied to the job that roles played can vary from day to day.

Nevertheless, below is an accurate, yet general description of what you can expect if you choose to be letting agent:

Your day typically starts at the office around 8 am, most likely there will be a meeting to deliberate on any new additions to the property listings, as well as any instructions passed by the property owners.

At this meeting, you will be required to provide an update on all current negotiations and transactions, whilst discussing any changes or news that one should be aware of.

Once the meeting is done, you can now proceed with the remainder of the day as a letting agent. As stated earlier, this is something that varies from one day to another, however, you can reason that prospective clients, who are individuals that want to let or sell their property and prospective applicants, those looking to let or purchase a property to perhaps call or email you concerning their requirements.

They could also simply walk into the office. It is most likely certain that you will spend most of your time away in the field, showing applicable properties to applicants for them to let or buy.

How successful you are as a negotiation, will typically be largely dependent on how strong your interactive skills are, as well as your capability to develop a rapport over a limited amount of time with them. The Course Mix is an online eLearning platform offering over 200 online courses to help students develop their interactive skills.

You also have to be adept at sussing out their tastes and needs. It is usually best to make telephone calls in the morning, so you can add having to call lawyers in a bid to understand what stage a property sale is in or when it comes to lettings, communicating with tenants and landlords to help finalise the contract.

Being able to remain in contact with applicants is an extremely integral aspect of the job.

When someone new registers, it is your responsibility to inform them of all new listings that tick their boxes. You should make sure that you keep in contact with all applicants on a regular basis, as a dearth of communication is one of the most widespread criticisms of letting agents. It is also important that you make appointments to show your applicants new properties that suit them.

It is imperative to note that when you show a property, you are not selling the property, rather you are sharing the viewing, while it might appear quite obvious, it is unlikely an applicant rents a property unless they view them. Accompanying clients on a viewing helps you turn on the charm and leverage on any people skills you may have, as it is integral for you to develop a rapport or bond with the applicant. This ensures that they trust and like you. A great starting points for a letting agent is studying an Online Lettings Course.

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