One of the things you have to understand is that there isn’t anything like a usual day in a letting agent’s life.

This is because there is so much tied to the job that roles played can vary from day to day.

Nevertheless, below is an accurate, yet general description of what you can expect if you choose to be letting agent: Read more

7 Tips When Studying Online

In the following article The Course Mix will give you 7 great tips for when you studying online. For the majority of us at any time in the year represents right opportunity to really reflect on where we are, what are our aims and how we can achieve them faster.

This is especially true for students who want to make the most of their study time, those wanting to return to work and climb the career ladder. That’s why we have put together these tips to assist you in developing Read more

studying listening to music

In this post The Course Mix editors will look at listening to music while studying an online course. Does listening to music really help students to study better? Can music increase concentration? We explore all the ins and outs below Read more

Boost Brian Power While Studying

When studying an online course it is always helpful to be operating at full mental capacity. In this article we will take a look at the top foods to help boost brain power while studying an online course.

Healthy eating is not only beneficial for your physical wellness but mental health also. The brain being the most reactive organ of your body requires nutrients to work effectively and generate power. If you are looking to boost your brainpower then there are certain foods that can help you focus more on work and studying your online courses through The Course Mix. Read more

Online Studying Tips

When we think about studying, many of us will traditionally think of classroom situations and being taught by a tutor or teacher. However, in recent years and with the emergence of online courses and The Course Mix, the learning process has changed dramatically.

The internet has meant that learning has become more accessible, and there are a variety of online courses that aspiring students can take to develop their knowledge even further. Read more

10 Reasons for eLearning

In this article on The Course Mix we will begin to explore the concept of eLearning. We aim to explore the eLearning concept and how it can help individuals with their learning.

The Course Mix is a provide on online courses and eLearning materials offering over 200 online courses across a diverse range of subject areas. Cover animal care courses online to teaching and education courses the site offers students to chance to gain new skills and certifications through eLearning. Read more

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